Be Kind Awards 2022

What are the Be Kind Awards?

Inspired by Sarah Brown, Supported by WellVet 

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

What are the aims of the Be Kind Awards?

  • To acknowledge those people within the veterinary profession who have demonstrated consistent acts of kindness and compassion towards their colleagues, patients and clients
  • To celebrate and share positivity
  • To inspire and encourage acts of kindness within the veterinary profession

Who can be entered for the Be Kind Awards?

Anyone within the veterinary profession can nominate anyone working within the veterinary profession (vet, nurse, student, support team members. Non-clinical applications are all welcomed and accepted [e.g. university lecturers, businesses that serve the profession, etc]).

How will the Be Kind Awards be judged?

The awards will be judged by our Be Kind panel and will be based on the following criteria:

  • Level and depth of kindness/compassion and/or
  • Consistency of demonstration and/or
  • Impact of kindness

How do I nominate someone?

Simply complete and submit THIS NOMINATION FORM. 

Closing date for nominations: Please submit your nominations by 5pm Monday 26th September.

Information about prizes

The Be Kind Awards will be run as a regular event. All 2022 nominees will be acknowledged at VSGD Live 2.0. This year’s winners will be presented with a prize at the VSGD Live 2.0 and will receive a ticket for the next WellVet event.*

Information about your nomination

Please note, the contents of this nomination may be made public to the person you are nominating, to the attendees of the VSGD Live 2.0 and via social media and online. If you’d like your nomination to remain anonymous, please check the box at the bottom of the form. 

*We are planning to continue WellVet as an annual event of sports and wellbeing, but this may be subject to change.