Team morale boosting in tough times

2020-11-26,8:00 pm

Team morale boosting in tough times

8:00 pm

26 November 2020


26 November 2020

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This talk was taken from the WellVet Winter Wellbeing Series run in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim and Vet Times. For many, 2020 has been exhausting! Mentally and physically we faced individual and collective challenges on a scale unimaginable just 12 months ago. How can we support our employees and colleagues to ensure work is sustainable, productive and enjoyable? VetLed coach Dan Tipney guides us through mechanisms to make working life a more positive experience, despite the current climate.

Dan Tipney

Dan provides an array of insights into human performance and wellbeing gained from his perspective across numerous disciplines. He is a commercial pilot and has led the Human Factors training programme at a major UK airline.

Dan passionately believes that highly developed technical skills, advanced systems and good intentions are essential but must start from a foundation of being physically and mentally well. He has worked closely with a team of clinicians, coaches and psychologists when developing various wellbeing initiatives with VetLed including the HALT campaign.


This webinar will be hosted through out website and is a paid event. To book onto this webinar there is a fee of £50.00.