Lonely in a Crowded Place

2022-07-25,8:00 pm

Lonely in a Crowded Place

8:00 pm

25 July 2022


25 July 2022


Vet practice is full of people. And yet you can get through a whole day without truly sharing with anyone. Many of us felt isolation like never before during the pandemic, and it can be hard to rebuild practice culture and relationships to feel like you're truly understood and validated. This can be especially true for leaders. In this session, we talk about loneliness and ways to help us build vital connections.

Clive Elwood

Clive practised as a specialist in private practice for 20 years. From 2010-2019, he was Managing Director of Davies Veterinary Specialists where he grew his interest in, and experience of, professional leadership and leadership development. Following his curiosity led to a Masters in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Hult Business School. Clive now concentrates his time on executive coaching, personal and leadership development, and is Chair of Trustees of the assistance dog charity, Canine Partners.

Clive’s first book ‘Leadership in Veterinary Medicine’ was published by Wiley Blackwell in 2021.


Email: clive@trelliscoaching.co.uk


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