Menopause Resources for Veterinary Teams

Welcome to our free menopause resources to reduce the impact of menopausal symptoms for veterinary team members!

The resources are are aimed both at individuals impacted directly and those wanting to support others (that should be all of us!). There’s a wealth of information and practical advice presented in accessible bitesize videos, based on the pillars of lifestyle medicine, breathwork and yoga techniques, and the neuropsychology of hormones.

How to use this course

These bitesize videos and audio are designed to help you try different support resources to empower you with understanding, help you mitigate symptoms and/or support others who may be impacted. Dip in and out, explore what may help you and others, and please like and share to other veterinary colleagues to help us all live happier and healthier through what can be a challenging phase of life.

How you can help

Huge thanks to the sponsors without whose support and encouragement these resources could not have been created. WellVet would welcome additional support, especially from veterinary employers, to continue developing and hosting these resources, and most importantly to encourage all their team members to access the content so they can give and receive support at this challenging life stage.

WellVet is also exploring research collaborations to better understand the impact on veterinary team members. Anyone interested in getting involved or sponsoring the next phases of this vital work is warmly invited to contact

Further reading: Read the Veterinary Woman/SPVS Veterinary Menopause Report

About the experts:

Dr. Claire Gillvray, medical doctor, founder of Gillvray Health, Lifestyle Medicine specialist and psychiatrist
Dr. Chloe Hannigan, vet, qualified yoga instructor and founder of VetYogi
Dr. Libby Kemkaran, vet, neuropsychologist and coach, founder of Tame Your Brain(TM)

Introduction to the menopause

In this session, Dr Claire Gillvray gives an overview of the phases of menopause and associated symptoms.

Menopause treatment options

Dr, Claire Gillvray talks through symptom tracking, how to get the most from your health professional, and treatment options in perimenopause.

Stress management

In this video, Dr Claire Gillvray explores how the first Lifestyle Medicine Pillar, mental wellbeing and stress management, can help alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Hatha yoga for stress management and hormone regulation

In this gentle, practical yoga session, VetYogi Dr Chloe Hannigan takes us through techniques for relaxation that can support regulation of hormonal symptoms

Cool & calm breathwork techniques

VetYogi Dr Chloe Hannigan guides us through quick, practical breathwork to calm and cool symptoms wherever we are.

Meditation SOS to mitigate symptoms

In guided meditation, VetYogi Dr Chloe Hannigan unlocks the power of the mind to mitigate symptoms.

Introduction to Big Cat Brains (TM)

In this session, Dr Libby Kemkaran, introduces the Big Cat Brain(TM) types, and how this affects our experience of menopausal symptoms.

How hormones impact our brain

Dr Libby Kemkaran talks through how hormones impact the brain, and the changes during menopause for different Big Cat Brain(TM) types.

How to tame the menopausal brain

Dr Libby Kemkaran, gives practical tips to Tame Your Brain(TM) through menopause, to mitigate symptoms.

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