What is gratitude practice? And why should be bother with it when the world has gone to pot? Katie Ford explains how simply documenting the small things can rewire your brain to be happier and healthier.

27th February, 8pm, Register HERE to join us on Zoom, or watch live on facebook.

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How and why should I be grateful for THIS?

Join us making spring flower sprays from paper, with the crafting wizardry of Hannah Perrin to guide us. Grab your favourite drink and socialise while we create.

4th March, 8pm, join us in Zoom - REGISTER HERE.

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Spring Craft Workshop

We know from the SPVS survey that the welfare of staff is high on the agenda for practice leaders. Executive coach Christina Youell from People and Performance shares her expertise on how to do the best for your team, and avoiding burn-out in the process.

11th March, 8pm, Register to join us in Zoom or watch live on facebook.


Leading your team through troubled waters

We know it's important to get outside, but the concept of forest bathing takes it to another level of understanding the wide ranging benefits. Adrian Nelson-Pratt shares insights into how and why we should maximise the benefits of time in nature during lockdown.

18th March, 8pm, Register to join us in Zoom, or watch live on facebook.

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Forest bathing. Say what?!

There is a view in the veterinary world that veterinary professionals are often perfectionists. In this session, Elinor O'Connor explains the psychology of perfectionism, discusses the advantages as well as the less beneficial aspects of perfectionism, and considers some tips for managing the downsides of being a perfectionist.

25th March, 8pm, Register to join us in Zoom, or watch live on facebook.


Is Perfectionism Ideal?

Our physiological stress response leads to neurochemical changes in our brain, which are not necessarily helpful when it comes to coping with a prolonged global pandemic. The good news is we can self-medicate by training our brain to re-balance. Vet and neuropsychologist, Libby Kemkaran, tells us how.

1st April, 8pm, Register to join us in Zoom, or watch live on facebook.

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Rewiring your brain for pandemic survival

We're anxious so we don't sleep, then we're anxious about not sleeping. Practical tips on how to break the cycle of poor sleep in times of unprecedented global anxiety levels with Dr. Claire Gillvray.

8th April, 8pm, Register here to join us in Zoom, or watch live on facebook.

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The sleep cycle - vicious or virtuous?

Navigating all the negatives of recent times and switching our brains into positive gear may seem like an insurmountable task. Who better to talk us through the shifting of mindset amidst huge challenge than mountaineer-vet-army veteran Paul Horwood?

15th April, 8pm, Register to join us in Zoom, or watch live on facebook.

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Mindset minefield

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