What do I need to have?

A smile and a can-do attitude!...Plus a few other things.

Firstly... go to the Tickets page and buy a ticket for the event.

You can also access the event on your computer by clicking here... but you must first sign up to Whova on the Phone App using the email address that you used when you bought your ticket.

On the day, watch all the content LIVE on your computer using the web link (click here), or on the whova app on your tablet - but make sure you have your phone handy to interact using the phone app on the community boards, chat to other delegates, and share photos of your way!

Here’s a list to help you prepare for the event - some of the competition entries need to be made in advance. Don't worry, we'll send out a list in plenty of time for you to source what you need.

Active clothes and shoes suitable for the activities you want to take part in

Something fancy to wear for the cocktail hour and pub quiz

Ingredients in advance - check your email for our baking, cocktail and healthy eating recipes

A camera / camera phone to take images to share on our photo wall and to enter the competitions 

Crafting bit and bobs you have lying around to reuse, recycle and repurpose

A device to watch PLUS a mobile phone to chat

A notepad and pen to take notes during the sessions

A water bottle to hand – you’ll need to keep hydrated