Integrating the Flexible Worker

2022-07-29,12:00 pm

Integrating the Flexible Worker

12:00 pm

29 July 2022


29 July 2022


In this session, we discuss the issues facing flexible workers when it comes to feeling a true sense of belonging within the veterinary team. We summarise the outcomes from the 2021 Vet Mums Community Mastermind on this topic.

Silvia Janska

Silvia qualified as a vet from the Royal Veterinary College in 2014 after first completing a BSc in Veterinary Science and MSc in Wild Animal Biology. Throughout her 8-year education at the RVC, she also worked in their e-Media department managing various projects that enhanced student learning. She has then completed an equine internship and a Certificate in Veterinary Business Management. Similarly to her student years, now too, she is passionate about exploring ways in which she can help improve the veterinary industry. Alongside her primary career as an ambulatory equine vet, she is interested in the workforce challenges of the profession, and in particular in the topic of work-life integration and flexible working. Silvia is a Board Member of the Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons.


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