Keep Calm and Carry On

2020-05-23,12:00 am

Keep Calm and Carry On

12:00 am

23 May 2020


23 May 2020


Keep Calm and Carry On?! Such a trite phrase, and yet that's often what's expected despite the huge ups and downs of life. Our expert panel of wellbeing advocates debate whether we should put up and shut up, or let our emotions roll out unchecked.

Dan Tipney, Jenny Guyat, Paul Horwood and Rosie Allister

Dan Tipney provides an array of insights into human performance gained from his perspective across numerous disciplines. Formally as an international athlete and sports coach, pilot instructor and airline pilot and Human Factors trainer. Dan led the Human Factors training programme at a major UK airline and has since developed and delivered non-clinical training to both Veterinary and Healthcare professionals. At VetLed, Dan collaborates with experts from veterinary medicine, aviation, psychology and healthcare training when developing training material and wellbeing initiatives such as the HALT campaign.

Jenny is a vet, personal growth coach, mentor, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of Vet Harmony, a personal growth coaching service for the veterinary profession. After 7 years of clinical practice, Jenny began her diversification journey. She helped establish Pet Blood Bank UK before project managing the opening of 17 new Vets Now clinics in her role as Business Development Manager. After a year as Head of Customer Development at Vets Now, she joined Vet Dynamics and spent 4 years coaching and mentoring independent practice owners. Jenny is a Certified HBDI psychometric profiling practitioner and specialises in guiding people through career and life crossroads, helping them connect deeply to who they are and what they want, working on mindset changes and establishing good life balance. She lives in Devon with her husband and 5-year-old daughter and loves being by the sea!

After graduating from the University of Liverpool, Rosie Allister has worked as a veterinary surgeon in a variety of clinical practice and research settings. She is the manager of Vetlife Helpline, the free and confidential support service for all people working in the veterinary professions, and a member of the RCVS Mind Matters Task Force. Her MSc and PhD at The University of Edinburgh looked at mental health, wellbeing and identity in veterinary students and veterinary surgeons and she lectures, trains, advises on policy, and writes about veterinary mental health in the UK and internationally. She has volunteered for the Samaritans for fifteen years and is a volunteer vet at All4Paws charity vet clinic. In her spare time she enjoys trail running. Dr Allister was awarded the 2020 RCVS Impact Award.

Paul Horwood was an Officer in the Royal Marines before training as a vet. He kept his links with the military, returning to the front line in Afghanistan in 2012 with the Grenadier Guards. Paul qualified from RVC in 2000, and joined Westpoint Farm Vets, becoming partner, owner and director. In 2017, Paul diversified and set up Sandstone Communications, delivering management and leadership training to professionals around the globe, using his experiences of business, adventuring and the military, and it also supports, and mentors aspiring British Olympic athletes. Paul has also worked as a training consultant for VDS Training. Paul has a Diploma in Bovine Reproduction from Liverpool University and an MBA from Open University, is a trustee of Vetlife, is on the CPD committee of the BVA, is a Mental Health First-aider, and is a founder of VetYou, a financial advice platform for the veterinary profession.


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